October 1, 2020

Archibrix – the online marketplace for architectural designs

Aleks Gavric

Hello world, we are archibrix, the virtual architect

Archibrix is an online platform that offers a new home to architectural living concepts, ideas, and designs. We see ourselves as digital bridge builders and mediate between architects, property developers, master builders, and project developers. In the beginning, was the idea. The idea to offer a platform for plans, concepts, and designs of architects that were thought to be lost.

We are talking about designs that saw the light of day but could not prevail in the countless tenders and competitions. What ultimately remains is the leading of a dreary existence in the dark archives of various architects’ hard drives. But it is also obvious that not every design can make it to the top of the podium in every context. This does not mean, however, that these submissions do not match other properties, tastes, or ideas. What we can say with certainty is that the right lid can be found for every pot, and we at archibrix are convinced that every design, even if with some adaptation, can find its buyers. Thus, these architectural designs can not only be monetized but also given new life.

We are archibrix, and we are the marketing platform for your ideas

Although we do not digitize the process of building in the conventional sense, we offer all architects the opportunity to upload their designs, which have so far only been developed on “paper”, to archibrix with just a few clicks and offer them to a global audience. 

How can you imagine this? The concept can be compared to website template platforms, with the small but significant difference that not websites, but perfectly developed and thought-out architectural designs, construction plans, and housing concepts shine in new splendour. Besides, we network the entire world and bring together all participants on one platform.

3D models in the construction industry: archibrix relies on BIM and thus guarantees the highest quality standard

The two-dimensional paper drawing on the construction site has had its day. More and more often, construction projects are planned digitally. This leads to greater efficiency – and better adherence to schedules. Archibrix relies on the so-called BIM method (Building Information Modeling): In this method, all project participants access the same data pool, which they update continuously. However, BIM is more than just a 3D model to which everyone has simultaneous access. In addition to building data, a project’s database also contains – depending on the planning dimension – information about the materials and components used, their service life or regulatory requirements for fire protection – as well as a list of the costs incurred, which can be checked in detail during each construction phase. 

The potential behind this achievement is enormous and leads the entire construction industry into a digitalized future. Using automated quality control, archibrix guarantees the highest standard. Ideally, the information contained is available and usable for all project participants over the entire life cycle. This means that planning, tendering, execution, and, subsequently, the operator work with the same data model. Throughout the entire process, BIM is used as a tool, but this has implications for conventional methods, processes, organization, and, above all, communication.

The light at the end of the tunnel for architectural concepts

The advantages are obvious. When ideas gather dust in various archives, nobody thinks that they can possibly be monetized. This is where Archibrix comes in, providing a solid foundation for all those valuable concepts that could not be implemented right away. Also, the architect has the opportunity to present his designs to a broad, international mix of property developers, project developers, and private clients. Also, the fact that here the design can be sold internationally without much effort should be mentioned. For example, while the architect is based in Vienna, the ultimate buyer could be based in London. 

Archibrix a marketplace that networks the entire globe

It has never been so easy to present his design, especially designs that have already been shelved. Archibrix offers a marketplace that connects all project participants in a simple way and offers them completely new marketing opportunities. With October, we will start full speed ahead. We are currently looking for further architects who would like to participate with their designs and ideas in a test phase. Whereby the possibility of a closer cooperation is also offered here. We have aroused your interest? Then do not hesitate to contact us. Together we will optimize existing processes and make the world a better designed place.