February 15, 2021

Bob the Builder and the time gained

Aleks Gavric

Time is money, as is well known

Time is a decisive factor in our lives. Therefore, we do well to use it efficiently. It always seems to be one step ahead of us, especially when we have to meet deadlines for construction projects. Every single master builder in the world can tell you a thing or two about it, and it doesn’t matter how big the projects to be built are. The light at the end of the tunnel is called digitalization. However, like everything new on the market, digitalization is often slow to get off the ground. The current year, however, shows us how important this issue is, and Covid-19 is speeding up the process of digitization. To make it clear how important it is to save time, we would like to tell you the story of Bob the Builder and his discovery of archibrix in the following lines.

The story of Bob the Builder

The hero of our story today goes by the name of Bob. Bob lives in Dublin and is a talented builder. He specializes in detached houses and has already built several of them. Bob knows from experience that deadlines can only be met through precise planning. But in reality, things often look different. It can easily take six months before the architect’s design takes on its final form. To remain competitive, small contractors like Bob are under pressure to improve efficiency in all business processes.

The master builder and archibrix, a liaison with a future

As Bob was planning to build his own house, things came to a head and Bob became increasingly interested in digital solutions for house building. One day he came across the online platform Archibrix and immediately recognized the potential that lay behind it. Finally, he was able to find an almost endless source of architectural 3D models and designs for single-family homes via archbrix. Among them was a design that exactly met his expectations. Months of planning were therefore not necessary. Bob saved himself valuable time and as we already know, time saved is money saved. In the end, Bob the Builder found his digital happiness and our story had a happy ending.

Archibrix, a source of BIM compliant architectural designs

An important impetus for digitization in the building industry is the so-called “Building Information Modelling”, or BIM for short. The potential behind this achievement is enormous and leads the entire construction industry into a digitized future. However, BIM is more than just a 3D model to which everyone has simultaneous access. In addition to building data, a project’s database also contains information about the materials and components used, their service life or regulatory requirements for fire protection, as well as a list of the costs incurred, which can be checked in detail during each construction phase. Using BIM, we guarantee the highest quality standard for all uploaded 3D models and designs. We use automatic quality control to guarantee the highest standard. This small but important aspect leads to enormous time savings in the process and desirable transparency for all persons involved, not only for Bob.