December 1, 2020

Home office in your own house via archibrix

Aleks Gavric

Hello home office, hello archibrix

Home office is the magic word of the hour! No wonder, because we are in the middle of a pandemic that is a driving force for digitization. The term “home office” has been circulating since the Middle Ages. Admittedly, at that time we were astronomically far from anything that might even appear digital. On one hand, home office has long been a female affair due to the partial prohibition of work for women and the domestic role imposed on them. Only the industrial revolution promoted the separation of family and the workplace. In the mid-1980s, the digital age appeared on the stages of the world. The first computers, although still far from today’s standards, at least became more manageable. Nevertheless, we are talking about a very lengthy process. What began in ’85 did not take off until 2020 with the appearance of Covid-19.

The escape into one’s own house on land with pool

If one currently looks at the development of property prices, it is always the properties in metropolitan areas that are increasing in value. On one hand, this is due to international investors who see high yield opportunities in large cities. On the other hand, it is also because more or better jobs can be found in the cities compared to the surrounding area. Another fact that speaks against rural life is that commuting is not for everyone. As early as 2018, futurologist Daniel Dettling noted that people would like to see more deceleration and, above all, more quality of life. He has also predicted that the great flight to the countryside will be completed by 2025 at the latest.

The pandemic has not only given an enormous boost to digitization, but also to counterurbanization. The expansion of broadband in rural areas and people’s desire for distance also play a major role. Globalization is a thing of the past: globality and locality are merging into a new third party, glocalization.

Architectural designs should always include a space for home office

In the future, foran architect or builder, it is recommended to include extra room for the possibility of a home office when building a house. However, this also requires precise planning. Because just as companies have to pay attention to ergonomic workplaces, the room should be suitable for an ergonomic working environment. First, this would be the situation in your own house. If, for example, you regularly expect customers or colleagues to visit, the office should preferably be located on the ground floor and be accessible via a separate entrance. Direct proximity to a toilet is also particularly important in such cases.

After all, you do not necessarily want to have to send professional guests to the family bathroom. Various factors should also be taken into consideration in terms of construction. Firstly, the noise level inside the office. This is because both the loud office work and the possible noise from children in the rest of the house should be easily separated from each other. For this reason, it would be advisable to build an office out of solid bricks and not to rely on the dry construction solutions often used. These are too noisy and therefore rather unsuitable for quiet and undisturbed work. Those who pay attention to these aspects are therefore not only in line with the trend. They also promote a sustainable concept.

Archibrix leads the entire construction industry into a digitalized future

The needs of the housebuilders are therefore obvious. With our online platform archibrix, we offer a globalized concept for glocalization by networking architects and property developers/builders/project developers in the best possible way. Together with all those involved, we are looking into a future that is decelerated and offers more quality of life. We minimize the time required for those who build houses. Furthermore offer the architects’ designs an optimal opportunity for marketing and monetization. Hello future, hello archibrix.