January 15, 2021

The story of Archibald the architect

Aleks Gavric

Architects like Archibald and the advantages of archibrix

Ever since the beginning,mankind has been telling stories because they stimulate the imagination and provide us with valuable information. In a good story, a picture is painted, especially on an emotional level, which helps us to understand connections better. We dedicate today’s blog post to all architects and designers who have created numerous living concepts, which in turn have never been realized. Instead, these concepts and designs lead a life in hiding. But this does not have to be the case. Archibrix puts an end to this and offers all these ideas new home with its online platform.

Archibald and his almost lost designs

Every story has a hero, including ours. Archibald is a young man from Bristol. In addition, Archibald is an architect by passion and works for a renowned agency. Through countless invitations to tender and competitions, he has created numerous designs and living concepts. But as life goes, Archibald was always just one of many participants who submitted designs. But common sense alone makes us understand that there can only be one winner. Unfortunately, luck was seldom on his side, and so it happened that one design after the other ended up in the archives and fell into oblivion. However, the advancing digitalization offered more and more possibilities. One day our protagonist discovered our online platform archibrix, and he recognized the potential that this tool had to offer.

The potential of the archibrix online platform

The forgotten concepts of Archibald were thus extracted from the archives and uploaded one by one to archibrix with just a few clicks. In this way, his designs were presented to an international mix of clients, property developers, and real estate project developers. 1660 kilometres away was the happiness Archibald had been waiting for in vain. In Vienna, he found his first buyer in Peter, who was looking for inspiration for his upcoming house construction. It was love at first sight, and the design was acquired right away. Some minor alterations followed, which in turn had a positive effect on Archibald’s wallet. Luck was also on Peter’s side. Especially as archibrix relies entirely on BIM technology for quality control, which made Peter’s building project much easier. So the pot found its matching lid and the story had a happy ending. 

A marketplace that offers unexpected opportunities for architects

This article is mainly about showing the effective possibilities that archibrix offers. It has never been easier to present your design, especially designs that have already been shelved. Archibrix offers a marketplace that simply connects all project participants and provides them with new marketing opportunities. The advantages for the architect are obvious: besides being an additional source of income, it is also a digital marketing channel through which he can present his portfolio to an international audience. Archibrix is convinced that every design, every living concept, and every idea will find its buyer. By networking all those involved in the project, opportunities arise here that was almost unthinkable before, at least not in this simplicity. The story of Archibald was of course born out of our imagination, but archibrix makes it more than just real and a happy ending is what we all strive for in the end.