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Low Energy Villa

erstellt von Stanimir Valkov

Low Energy Villa / A+ , regarding thermal insulation / is situated on a Land Plot of 500m2 / 25 x 20 m / Total Area of the Villa is 95m2. It's a one storey Single Family Villa with Timber Frame Structure. Building a new Villa / House / is an expensive investment, that is why I prefer for construction Classic Timber Frame Structure / it's a timeless structure well known from the ancient times /. The other advantage is that Wood is a natural material, and also comparing with "Concrete structure" + brick walls, Timber Frame Structure could save at least 25% of financial / money / investment if the project is made accurate. The structure of the Villa is classic - Wood columns and beams / roof beams too / in a combination with mineral wool / for example Knauf Insulation / as a thermal insulation. The Villa meet all requirements for "Low Energy House" / A+ /, regarding thermal insulation. At exterior wall the thickness of thermal wool insulation is 20cm / 15+5 / , at roof is 30cm / 10cm between roof beams and 20cm more at hanging ceiling /. The other major point for energy efficiency are windows - the windows are triple glazing - 3 glass windows / one of the best variant is external glass of the window to be "4 season glass", middle glass is float one, and the internal glass is "K-glass" keeping the heat in the winter inside. At winter for heating the Investor can use wood Stove / the advantage is that the Villa is only 95m2, and modern stove could be absolutely enough for heating / the other option is thermal pump.
The biggest advantage of the Villa is Architectural Layout. It's a compact and very stylish and modern Layout with a lot of "open space" at Kitchen / Dining / Living Room area. At only of 95m2 square meters, are situated spacious kitchen / 300cm + fridge / plus kitchen island with fantastic view to the garden, dining table for 8 - 10 people, Living room with big 4 seat sofa and armchair with amazing view through "french windows" at the East Facade. The height of the villa at highest point is 400cm - it gives the opportunities for amazing garden view and landscaping. Next to the corridor are situated 2 separate toilets / WC / and also a bathroom. There are 2 individual kids room, Master bedroom is with "En-suite" bathroom with bath tub and double sink, and the other advantage is L300cm long wardrobe / it looks like walking closet /. Actually at 95m2 we have 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 separate WC, kitchen with island / 120cm /, dining table for 8-10 people, spacious living room. One of the goal of the project was to have very spacious area with amazing garden and landscaping view, where all family are gathering together / even when they have guests / that is why I choose very spacious "open space" for Kitchen / Dining / Living Room Area.

1 Stockwerk
3 Schlafzimmer
2 Badezimmer
Empfohlene Konstruktion
Moderner Stil
Horizontales Grundstück
5 Zimmer
3 Schlafzimmer
2 Badezimmer
Garage 30.0m²
I graduate University of Architecture at 2004 and since then I'm working at the area of Furniture Design, Interior Design, Architecture. Preparing architectural projects and layouts. I'm interested at sustainable architecture, my favourite style is Minimalism - "less is more".

Einfamilienhaus mit Einliegerwohnung

1.900 EUR
exkl. MwSt

Einfamilienhaus mit Home-Office

1.800 EUR
exkl. MwSt

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