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This monumental building (design studio or drawing office ), is a workplace for designers and artisans engaged in conceiving, designing and developing new products or objects.
Being a Desing Studio allows you to take on larger clients with more significant projects and spread out the work to get jobs done more efficiently. If you are comfortable handling larger projects and directing various people to complete specific tasks then maybe a Design Studio is right for you.

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Hi, My name is Ági from Hungary, currently live in Bali, which is the heaven of design. I am a 3D visual artist, with experience in architectural interior and exterior design. I am open to any kind of project/job opportunity where I can further develop my skills and experience. I have always been interested in interior design, I like to harmonize things and ensure that they look great together and I enjoy coming up with new ideas and following new trends which can be eye catching and a bit different to the norm. I am a very creative person. I am also a very organised person who takes pride in my own work. I pay great attention to detail and never leave something half finished. I like to see a job from conception to delivery and get my own view point from my customer or clients. I am a very hands on person. I feel have i have excellent communication skills and that I can run a meeting successfully with clients. In addition to innovative, outstanding designs, I am able to keep a project within budget and communicate well with architects and clients.

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