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Innovations of newly established SMEs -II phase

Project reference


Project description

Operating in Austria, BEAP LABS d.o.o. followed the trends and needs of the market, and came up with an innovative idea to develop Archibrix - a virtual architect to respond to the problems and needs of the real estate market. Namely, it was found that end users (private house builders) in Austria who want to build a family house know very little about the construction process itself, the actual construction costs and architectural projects. They only have an idea about owning that house, and in the end more than 50% of the process is dissatisfied with the house they moved into. Architects, on the other hand, have thousands of their designs that are unused and stand in drawers. Archibrix offers them the opportunity to present their designs on its platform and sell them to construction companies and project developers internationally. In this way, they will cash in on their previous design work, but also find new clients. In addition, contractors in Austria spend a lot of their financial resources on building "presentation" houses to make it easier for buyers to decide to build their own house. With Archibrix, this way of presentation is virtual, where the end user will be able to visit every corner of the house through a virtual walk with 3D glasses, have at their disposal architectural designs that can be refined and changed in the production process, and will have elaborated cost estimates with realistic market prices. how much the construction will cost it. In summary, Archibrix is ​​a platform that connects end users with architects and contractors / construction companies. It provides a whole new innovative way for private house builders to design and ultimately build the house of their dreams. In conclusion, it guides them in the process from design to immigration.

Project goal

The project refers to the adaptation and commercialization of a new innovative service developed within the company BEAP LABS d.o.o. to solve the problem of underutilization of growth potential and placement of its services in foreign markets. In response to the central problem and other problems arising from the central company plans to solve the project through the finalization and commercialization of a new innovative service (Archibrix - virtual architect) to foreign markets to expand business volume which is also a specific goal or purpose of the project. The achieved purpose of the project (specific goal) will contribute to the growth and development of BEAP LABS and better positioning in domestic and foreign markets (general goal).

Total project value

Total project value: 1.491.660,84 HRK
Amount of EU co-financing: 1.173.180,36 HRK

The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

Project implementation period

01.10.2019. - 01.04.2021.

Total duration of the project

18 months

Contact person

Davor Bagarić
Phone: +385 91 3456 016

Information on EU funds

Structural Funds
Innovations of newly established SMEs -II phase

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