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Cabin in the woods

The building blends perfectly with the forest environment and it is made with the porpouse of extending the experience the woods has to offer. It can also be adapted to any type of terrain or site, on the city or not.
One of the features this building has is that on rainy days it will form curtains of rain. With a modern and simple design, from an infinity pool to a fire pit, the building offers all the activities and experiences you want in order to have a great time with family and friends.

2 floors
3 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
Building type
Detached house
Roof type
Hip roof
Recommended construction
Terrain elevation
Moderate inclined building site
6 rooms
3 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
Terrace 175.8m²
Garage 31.0m²
Bachelor and Master in Architecture at Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. Passionate of what I do and trying to improve the humanity condition through architecture. Quality architecture and design needs to be done for humans and humanity, a mantra I always use when I start a new project.

Single-family house with granny flat

1.900 €
excl. VAT

Single family house with home office

1.800 €
excl. VAT

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