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City villa with separate apartment

A covered entrance area, which optionally leads from a garage or a carport to the building, leads to the compactly designed vestibule, which ensures a comfortable room climate, especially in colder latitudes. The granny flat is equipped with an extremely spacious bathroom and offers enough space for visitors or staff. An open-plan living-dining-kitchen connected with a cozy living room form the main living area of the building.
Connected directly to the kitchen unit is a universally usable utility room with enough storage space and storage space. The upper floor is characterized by a further living level and 3 separately accessible rooms. The master bedroom has a direct connection to 2 large walk-in closets.

2 floors
4 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
Building type
Detached house
Roof type
Flat roof
Recommended construction
Modern style
Terrain elevation
Flat inclined building site
8 rooms
4 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
Terrace 30.0m²
BSc. Johanna Quast Architekturstudium an der Technischen Universität Innsbruck. "Meine Architektur steht für ansprechenden, funktionalen, leistbaren & ästhetischen Lebensraum"

Single-family house with granny flat

1.900 €
excl. VAT

Single family house with home office

1.800 €
excl. VAT

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