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Contemporary House-ZITLALCALI

Comfortable place and unique design, well orientated, and energy-saving with a beautiful viewpoint room. Functional and well distributed. The perfect balance between form, functionality and energy efficiency.

2 floors
5 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
Building type
Detached house
Roof type
Flat roof
Recommended construction
Terrain elevation
Flat inclined building site
8 rooms
5 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
Garage 25.0m²
PASSIVE DESIGN Bioclimatic Architect that looks for energy efficency inside the building based on the project location and its climatic characteristics to mantain a confortable temperature. Passive design reduces or eliminates the need for auxiliary heating or cooling, which accounts for about 40% (or much more in some climates) of energy use.

Single-family house with granny flat

1.900 €
excl. VAT

Single family house with home office

1.800 €
excl. VAT

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