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Pure Air House

This is a house designed for a family of about 4 people that can be located both in the city and in more remote areas.

With a rectangular floor plan, apparently compact, it opens completely, through large windows and terraces, to the south garden.

It consists of a basement floor for garage and facilities, a first floor with access to the garden where the social life of the house would be developed, with a bedroom, toilet and bathroom for visitors. On the second floor are the bedrooms with a very spacious master bedroom with dressing room.

3 floors
4 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
Building type
Detached house
Roof type
Flat roof
Recommended construction
Mediterranean style
Terrain elevation
Flat inclined building site
7 rooms
4 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
Terrace 130.0m²
Garage 103.0m²
Basement 130.0m²
I ´m an architect with more than 10 years of experience, specialized in luxury single family houses in the south of Spain (Costa del Sol). I am architect with a Master in Engineering and BIM methodology, to make our workflow more efficient and competitive in the AEC industry. Since the company I currently work with has international clients, majority of whom are from Nordic countries, we have developed a system to work remotely with online platform and a structured workflow. This allows me to work from anywhere and give me flexibility to make other plans and collaborations with clients all over the world.

Single-family house with granny flat

1.900 €
excl. VAT

Single family house with home office

1.800 €
excl. VAT

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